PURPOSE: The Alignment Guide:

28 Days of Inspiration, Reflection, Intention and Expression.

Connect more deeply with your Purpose

From decades of studying happiness, I’ve seen how important it is to live a purposeful life.  In her new book, Purpose: The Alignment Guide, Michelle Vandepas takes us on a self-discovery journey, using personal reflection exercises, journaling, and coloring to guide us into deeper connection with our purpose.  Use this book to help you align more powerfully with your purpose so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life. – Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Marci Schimoff

PURPOSE: The Alignment Guide.
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If you’re done with surface explanations and methods on how to find your purpose, this is the book for you. Michelle masterfully weaves together life experience, wisdom about human nature, and an incredible toolbox of transformational exercises to support those of us on an authentic journey towards personal awakening. Read this book, and you will find deep meaning in your life and sacred connection to the truths that shape you.

Joanna Lindenbaum Master Coach, Trainer

How are you responding to the changing world?

Discover a transformational tool and system supporting you now and into the future.

Does the weather, the environment, the information, and the rapid acceleration of every aspect of life pull you away from alignment with Purpose and drain your life Spark?

Stop searching outside of yourself for Purpose and bring the process back inside. Learn how to align who you are now with what needs to emerge. Become more anchored in your knowingness, abilities, intuitions and gifts.

PURPOSE: The Alignment Guide, as a standalone book or as part of Michelle Vandepas’s 9-month life Be-ing system: SPARK- The Radically Authentic Life, is a tool that helps to discern what is true in every moment of every day. Learn how to navigate this more connected, and yet rapidly changing world. This 28-day journey into PURPOSE reveals your essence by gently prodding a deeper internal inquiry using self-assessment exercises, daily reflections, journaling, coloring, doodling and exploring the creative process of self-discovery. It helps align the Soul Contract: what you’re here to do and how you get from here to there to do it.

This book will align and activate your Purpose and includes a 28 day journey of:

  • Activities

  • Coloring

  • Journalling

  • Writing Prompts

  • Creative Expression

  • Contemplation/Reflection

I recommend with great enthusiasm the book Purpose: The Alignment Guide by Michelle Vandepas. I work as a hospital chaplain and in a Unity congregation. I know that purpose is a huge part of well-being, and I’ve heard all too often how very stuck people can get when they forget their essence. And, I’ve been there myself. This book helps. I thought at first that this might be a book of 28 pages of easy quotes. Not at all. The introduction on purpose alone is a masterwork. The activities and questions are all designed to dig deep into the heart of the matter: which is living your best life in the pursuit of your deepest calling. Michelle Vandepas is to be commended. Pick up this book. Use it as you wish. You’ll be renewed, undoubtedly.

Rev. Roger Butts

Sample pages from readers:

Purpose Alignment Guide
Purpose: The Alignment Guide
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“You are always

on Purpose

Even If you

don’t remember

what it is”

Hugs, Michelle

Reading Michelle’s book “Purpose” I saw a different take on the typical way most people look for their purpose. There was no suggestion of finding outside validation instead it was a gentle and joyful process into looking inside to find your real purpose; the one you have deep inside and is sometimes illusive. Through coloring, journaling and other activities, Michelle ‘s book allows you to bypass your ego as you discover what your “Purpose” life looks like. I am excited to add this book into my tool box for my coaching clients.

Jill Davis

Master Coach

Michelle Vandepas’ manual for living- “PURPOSE-The Alignment Guide”,for that is what it is, is the kind of book I would love to write. Clear, accessible to anyone, well laid out and encouraging from start to finish, it can provide you the spark needed to become aligned with your true self. A great read and an even better workbook. Do it, now.

David Chaloner

Addictive Processes Specialist



Purpose Alignment Guide
Purpose: The Alignment Guide