Michelle is a Galactic Radically Mirrored Love Goddess who is sometimes confused about her job here on earth but is committed to changing the planet the best way she knows how. She supports others to spread their love so it ripples out and we all find peace, harmony and all that jazz.  If this is you, then get on board and connect in some way.  We don’t have time to waste.

(said with radically truthful love)

Michelle here, and….  The planet and the human race is screwed up.  We know better, we just don’t DO better. Sigh. So, I’m doing what I know to do, best as I can, with full force while still be-ing in balance. (….What that means to me: Working hard, Resting hard. Eating Chocolate, Drinking wine, Walking. Qi-Gong, Jigsaw Puzzles. Being a Chauffeur for my daughter and whatever else crosses my path).

And for those who like this sort of thing more about me:  INTJ. (but sometimes over the years I’ve come back differently as an ENTJ and various other iterations)  Enneagram 3. I think. With a strong 4 wing. I think. It might be reversed or another number all together.  It’s complicated.  Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon, White Galactic Mirror.  Manifesting Generator with a  3/5 and Right Angle C

ross of The Vessel of Love. I have the Master number 22 in my birth-date.  Life purpose number 3 and life expression number  6 and  soul urge is 9. TheSpark.love is a 8.  What does all this mean? Not much except they have all been nice validations over the years. Now I just set forth each day to live with purpose, a bit of passion, wisdom and pinch or more of fun. If you study these things you’ll know better than I what they all really mean and how to apply the tools for you.  I’ve included various tools in my workbooks for fun and validation.

Hugs, Michelle

Why should you hang out with me?

  • If you are frustrated, angry and despondent about the planet and the state of affairs, but it’s not your job to be an out-loud activist, then come do what we can as we can. But do it NOW.
  • If you want to connect more deeply with your Purpose, Your Self, Your Creativity and Your Soul. You are in the right place.
  • If you are wanting to make money from your Purpose I can help.
  • If you are Called. (and you know who you are).
  • If you intuitively ‘get it’.

Then I invite you to respond below.  This gathering of like minds is a combo of Galactic Guidance with Third Dimensional actions. Creating intention and manifestation in other realms while leading your authentic life here and now. Energetic grounding with time appropriate intentions, (meaning appropriate for these times on the planet). The Spark Alignment System for the Radically Authentic Life. 9 modules, 36 group calls. 6 private calls . Workbooks. Online Mastermind. Wrap up weekend in Colorado next June. Opens soon. For more information send an inquiry below:

  • Course Modules and Workbooks 
    • Inner Contemplation
      • Purpose
      • Intuition
      • Authenticity
    • Outer Reflections
      • Mirror
      • Void
      • Passion
    • Living and Be-ing
      • Intention
      • Wisdom
      • Spark

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